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Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing that restores the body's imbalance. Reiki, the life source that runs through us and connect us all, has been used since the beginning of the century to heal emotional blockages, physical and mental traumas, improve mood, pain and anxiety relief. During our session, with gentle touch or no touch at all I will connect with your higher self, work on your energy field where is most needed and intuitively guide you through your healing path . 



Cacao is a heart opening medicine that conducted in a ceremonial circle becomes a very powerful way of healing. Traditionally Cacao was used by Mayas and Ancient Aztec civilizations. A symbol of afterlife, yet afterlife was intimately connected to fertility and birth, its uses was mostly religious.

Today Cacao is known as the medicine of the heart. Its opening effects helps us connect with the divine and ground us at the same time.

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Our first conversation to see if our services is what you are looking for it.

We will have a 15 minuter phone chat where I will ask you some questions and describe more deeply this forms of healing. We will go over any questions you may have while giving you a safe space to open up. 

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