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Honest and Reliable

Giuliana was so open hearted and made it easy for me to open up. Her gift in her work - with her skill is so refreshing. It truly shocked me what she was able to see within me and her ability to call out things she could have never known still has me impressed with her interworking talent.

Sherry W.

My reiki experience with Giuliana was truly magical. Her healing hands and energy put me into the most relaxed trance immediately. She felt the presence of both of my parents who are no longer in this realm, and mentioned details about them that were so accurate it was shocking. Giuliana has a gift without question and this is absolutely her calling. I highly recommend a session with her, especially if you’re craving grounding connection and spiritual awakening. 💫

Lynne S.

She is so kind and loving and beyond gifted with her healing and energy touch. Her internalizing and explanation was so deep, powerful and beautiful.

Nati S.

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